Anita Bacic & Natalie Woodlock

Natalie Woodlock (aka The Cake Lady) is an art-maker, cake-baker and animator. She creates and exhibits screen, new media and installation-based works. Natalie has exhibited works at RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, as part of 2004 and 2006 Next Wave Festivals, at Raw Space Galleries as part of the Arc Brisbane Biennale and the d/Art/2006 festival at the Sydney Opera House.

Anita Bacic creates both digital and non-digital works and has recently begun working with mobile phones. Her work includes both screen based and installation-based interactives. Anita has exhibited works at Electrofringe 2005 (Newcastle), File 2004 (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Nextwave Festival 2004 (Melbourne), 14th Video Brazil, (Sao Paulo, Brazil) and in the 16th Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2003 (Stuttgart, Germany).

Roaming Sweets

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Roaming Sweets is a series of three stop-motion animations created on a mobile phone to be viewed on a mobile phone, delivered as episodes in the life of Luli the doll. Roaming Sweets is a sweet-meet between new digital technologies and the cult of the handmade. Crochet, icing, sweets, cake and cardboard are materials used in each animation.

Flowers come alive when Luli walks past and her furniture dances when she’s not looking. The animations capture an enchanting, miniature child-like world full of magic and marvel made ready for connections in a new mini high-tech world.

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